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What 'LDLNET LLC - Life In Action!' Is All About

COVID-19 Statement from LDLNET LLC

Hi! My name is Lance Damian Lingerfelt and this site is all about my life in action, from what I do, to how I am! I have total knowledge that Success breeds Success. I've made my initials into a motto for my path: Learn, Do, Live! That's equates to Life In Action! I also believe in the "4 Path": "Live Truthfully, That Brings Happiness, That Breeds Success, Be Good To Yourself and Others" Please take a look around my domain! I hope you enjoy your visit, and if you need to reach me, check out my contact info below!

I have an Information Technology Blog that has posts showing different things I am doing and troubleshooting methods I use in my day to day work. Feel free to have a look! You can also find out what I am doing with my Music career through my MUSIC website. I have video, pics, and information about my music career. Feel free to contact me about performing at your next show or recording for your next song or album.

The IT Side of my business is still open as I have working on multiple IT Projects for different organizations. Still, feel free to contact me with any Technology questions that you may have. If I can answer them, I am glad to and it will probably be in my Information Technology Blog!
I feel, that in my dealings with people, that I have an obligation now to tell the truth and be honest. That is what I am doing and that in turn breeds Success. I don't aspire to hate. I don't aspire to be caught in the drama that can devour most minds! Truth and Honesty have helped me survive for quite some time now, and I am very thankful for that privilege. For all of you wondering out and up there, it's called a CLEAR CONSCIENCE.



I am currently working on multiple projects and am still running the Information Technology Buisness. Please feel free to check out my Information Technology Blog for answers to your technology questions.


I perform my Saxophone Performance with different groups. I am currenly working on some projects and recording as it comes to me. I am also just rehearsing in my home, looking for that next gig, and building my music career. If you want to contact me about any performance or recording opportunities, please visit my MUSIC website. I have video, pics, and information there and would be pleased to speak with you about any of that.

Business Owner

I own and operate LDLNET LLC. Along with IT Consulting and Training, I provide Professional Music Consulting Services and Saxophone Performance at this time. If you want to contact me about any performance or recording opportunities, please visit my MUSIC website.

Moving Forward

I will continue to lead as a Senior Microsoft Consultant, Blogger, Mentor, Coach, Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT), and build my brand as a Saxophonist.
So check out me out in the world sometime! Come see a show! Look at my blogs: My Music Site and The IT Blog.


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Available for Music Performance/Recording

I continue to play my saxophone even in this pandemic. Contact me for availability. My schedule is wide open at the moment for any long term projects. Check out my MUSIC WEBSITE for more information and how to contact me for your next gig or recording session.

Answers to your IT questions

I can provide common answers to your IT questions. Feel free to contact me below for more information!

Drop me a Line

Don't hesitate to contact me                         

Let me know what you think about the website! Or, if you just have general questions!

Phone: +1 (844) 884-7838
Email: lance.lingerfelt@ldlnet.net


813 Newfound Hollow Drive
Charlotte, NC 28214